Local Search / SEO

Local Search / SEO

Local search (or local SEO) is location based (geographical) SEO campaigns that typically look to improve rankings in map results or in the local 3 pack / 7 pack that can often be triggered on the first page of Google for certain search queries.

The local 3 pack or local 7 pack are the business listings that you will have likely seen on the first page of Google’s search results such as the below. These will consist of either 3 business listings or 7 business listings depending on the search query entered.

Local 7 Pack in Google

Local 7 Pack in Google

The art of ranking well in these local listings requires a different set of techniques that not all of, would be considered in a standard SEO strategy. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses increase their visibility in local listings such as Google Maps / local listings, Bing Maps / local listings as well as other local focus based platforms such as Yelp, Qype, Brownbook, FreeIndex and many more.

Who needs local search?

Local search campaigns are best suited to those businesses that serve their local area, for example the likes of hairdressers, mechanics, builders, photographers, driving schools and the such.

It is quite common now that when a potential customer types a keyword followed by a location (for example: ‘hairdressers plymouth’) as their search query, that this will trigger a local pack of results in Google like the above image displays. As these listings stand out and pull in other data from other sources, it is critical for local businesses to optimise their online presence and be found before their competition utilising placements such as these.

Optimising for local search is now more important than ever before…

By default now, when a potential customer searches in Google, their location is automatically detected and they are served local based results (or at least what Google think will be more useful and relevant to them), so quite often now, a location such as a city or a town in the entered search query won’t even be required to trigger a local listings pack.


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